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Jeopardy Guide

Created on March 06, 2018
1) quines los representa el poder ejecitivo : El máximo representante del poder ejecutivo es el Presidente de una nación. ... El poder ejecutivo es una de las tres ramas en las que se divide el poder de un estado, siendo las ramas restantes
2) que entiendes por energia : El término energía (del griego ἐνέργεια enérgeia, «actividad», «operación»; de ἐνεργóς energós, «fuerza de acción» o «fuerza de trabajo») tiene diversas acepciones y definiciones, relacionadas con la idea de una capacidad para obrar, surgir, transformar o poner en movimiento.
3) que es fisica : Ciencia que estudia las propiedades de la materia y de la energía y establece las leyes que explican los fenómenos naturales, excluyendo los que modifican la estructura molecular de los cuerpos.
4) que es tecnologia : Conjunto de los conocimientos propios de una técnica.

Created on December 04, 2017
soal pramuka
ini soal pramuka penegak
1) Saka yang bergerak dalam bidang kelautan ? : taruna bumi
2) berapa jumlah dasa darma? : 10
3) Dhasa dharma ke-8 berbunyi ? : Disiplin berani dan setia.

Created on November 09, 2017
Transporting a Boat with a Shipping Company
A shipping company provides a full-service for boat, sailboat or yacht transport.
1) Get in Contact with the Boat Transport Company : Whether you are moving your boat or yacht to California, New York or Florida this is the first step you should take. Get a boat transport cost estimate in order to find out the best boat transportation service.

Created on September 18, 2017
Vehicle shipping company

1) Vehicle shipping company : The vehicle shipping company provides vehicle transport services.
2) Advantages of using vehicle shipping service. : Using the vehicle shipping services it becomes easy to ship vehicle anywhere.

Created on March 29, 2016
Pilihla salah satu
1) Yang bukan termasuk alat TIK .... : HP
2) yang termasuk alat input : printer

Created on April 14, 2015
Tip 1. This is Germans territorynot the Nazis ok Tip 2. We are the most richest country with 90,000,000 euros thats €90,000,000 Tip 3. If you like Nazis then dont join this study group Tip 4. Be nice Tip 5. This is a free study group so dont mind the other religions Tip 6. Talk freely just dont curse ok Tip 7. No dating Tip 8. Well mabey a little cursing like hell and mabey dating if you get permission Tip 9. This was started by a girl so yeah Tip 10. Learn as best as you can Tip 11. And finally have fun......
1) First studying math but the math is fun : First we start the numbers by saying them in german

Created on December 30, 2014

Created on October 02, 2013

1) hot sun coold : do it wiertr

Created on October 02, 2013
Estudando fora para ter uma diversão fora da escola com os estudos

Created on August 26, 2013
Global Studies
15 Challenges of the future
1) The world is a myriad of people, materials, animals, lands,science, air, technology, issues, concepts , constructs, How can we organize it in a meaningful way to make an honest picture from multiple perspectives so that we can work with it and name and explore the synergistic challenges and opportunities for today and the future : Read the Short Summary of each of the 15 Challenges and name 3-4 key concepts for each, eg. Challenge 2 Global Water. 1) Will we run out of water locally or globally 2) Is the water polluted? 3) How can we transport water where needed?

Created on July 14, 2013
Permit Test

1) DRIVING LAWS : three most basic traffic laws that require drivers to; 1. obey traffic control devices 2. obey the traffic directions of a law enforcement officer or firefighter,even if it goes against what the traffic control devices tell you to do 3. never drive on a roadway that has been closed for construction, for the purpose of a special event, or for any other official reason

Created on June 23, 2013
1) Use a serial comma : Think about it

Created on June 09, 2013
CVHS 2013 APHG Final Study Guide Quiz
Each question from each test we took this spring semester (political geography, agricultural geography, developmental and industrial geography, and urban geography). Entirely verbatim (except for the question beginning "The model that holds that the land...", as it didn't have any one logically correct answer; I have put what I feel to be the correct answer in place of one of the original choices). Typos have been corrected; any book titles originally italicized are now in "quotes"; what was originally in bold font is now in ALL CAPS. Timer's set for two hours, which is more than enough time to answer all of these, let alone the 100 that'll actually be on the really isn't too hard if you did the reading... Good luck.
1) Taiwan is a member of the UN. : True
2) The first political geographer who studied the state in detail was Friedrich Ratzel who postulated that the state resembles a biological organism. His organic theory identified _______________ as a state's essential life giving force. : space
3) The most destabilizing problem faced by very large countries is : having portions of their territory inaccessible, sparsely populated, or hard to govern.
4) One of the most powerful impacts of colonialism was the construction of global order characterized by great differences in ______________ : economic and political power.
5) The maximum extent of a coastal state's exclusive economic zone according to the United Nations is: : 200 nm

Created on May 31, 2013
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