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Human Growth and Development Midterm Quiz
Infancy to late childhood
1) Jasmine and her fetus are Rh incompatible. This means that: : d. Jasmine may produce antibodies that will attack the fetus.
2) ________ occurs when a single sperm cell from the male unites with an ovum (egg) in the female's fallopian tube in a process called fertilization. : Conception
3) Lynne, 5, loves to draw and color. She represents the world with words and her drawings. According to Piaget's cognitive development theory, Lynne is in the ________ stage of cognitive development. : C. formal operational
4) Psychology's newest approach, ________, emphasizes the importance of adaptation, reproduction, and "survival of the fittest" in shaping behavior. : D. cognitive psychology
5) Albert Bandura states that _____ is a critical factor in whether or not students achieve. : d. self-awareness

Created on February 03, 2019
Advertising vocabulary
Words and expressions relatod to advertising and their meaning
1) Blogger : Someone who writes a blog
2) Vlogger : Someone who makes vlogs, and posts them on the internet
3) Influencer : Someone who affects or changes the way that other people behave, for example through their use of social media
4) Celebrity endorsement : The fact of a famous person appearing in an advertisement saying that they use and like a product
5) Banner ad : An advertisement that appears across the top of a page on the internet or in a newspaper

Created on January 14, 2019
Consumerism vocabulary
Words and expresions related to consumerism
1) Consumer society : Society in which people often buy new goods, especially goods that they do not need, and in which a high value is placed on owning many things
2) Factory farm : A system in which animals or birds are kept inside in small spaces and made to grow or produce eggs very quickly.
3) Loyalty card : A card given to customers of a supermarket or other business that gives them benefits such as price reductions
4) Thrift shop or thrift store : A shop that sells used goods cheaply and gives its profits to a charity
5) Buying power : The ability of people to buy goods and services, usually based on how much they earn and save

Created on January 14, 2019
Food waste vocabulary
A list of terms related to food waste and their explanation
1) Edible : Suitable or safe for eating
2) Stock up : To buy a large quantity of something
3) Convenience food : Food that is almost ready to eat when it is bought and can be prepared quickly and easily
4) Food scraps : To get rid of some food that is no longer useful
5) Shelf life : The length of time that food can be kept in a shop before it becomes too old to be sold or used

Created on January 14, 2019
Physical appearance vocabulay
Words and expressions related to beauty, cosmetic procedures and fashion and their meaning
1) Nose job : To have an operation to change the shape of your nose
2) Bikini wax : The removal of pubic hair using a special wax
3) Peer pressure : The pressure that you feel to behave in a certain way because your friends or people in your group expect it
4) Diet conscious : People who concern about having a balanced diet.
5) Overweight : Fat

Created on January 11, 2019
Tes Akhir Materi Quiz
Tes ini digunakan untuk mengevaluasi sejauh mana pemahaman siswa terkait permasalahan sosial
1) Masalah sosial pada dasarnya tidak dapat dipisahkan dari kehidupan manusia. Hal ini dikarenakan … . : Masalah sosial terwujud sebagai hasil dari kebudayaan manusia itu sendiri
2) Pengangguran terjadi disebabkan karena berbagai macam. Diantaranya terjadi karena kegiatan perekonomian suatu negara menurun, yang mana disebabkan permintaan masyarakat terhadap suatu barang melemahkan produksi tersebut. Pengangguran tersebut dinamakan … . : Pengangguran siklis
3) 3. Perhatikan pernyataan berikut ini.1) Masyarakat kelas bawah tergantung dengan masyarakat kelas atas2) Ketidakadilan dalam pemilikan factor produksi masyarakat3) Individu tersebut memiliki factor pengetahuan yang lemah4) Rendahnya etos kerja masyarakat5) Individu tersebut berserah diri dengan apa yang ia milikiBerdasarkan pernyataan diatas, yang merupakan factor penyebab kemiskinan structural adaalah … . : 1,3,4

Created on December 05, 2018
AULA 1 - A arte de saber delegar
Agora é hora de revisar o que você aprendeu. Escolha a alternativa que responde ou completa corretamente cada um dos itens a seguir.
1) Um dos 7 PECADOS CAPITAIS DA GESTÃO EFICIENTE é a: : c) sistematização.
2) Centralizar tarefas gera: : diminuição da produtividade.
3) Muitos gestores não conseguem delegar tarefas porque: : c) estão sobrecarregados.
4) Delegar tarefas consiste em: : acreditar que o outro não tem obrigação de saber o que precisa ser feito.
5) É fundamental no processo de delegação de tarefas: : deixar que o outro faça tudo no tempo dele.

Created on June 29, 2018
Jeopardy Guide

Created on March 06, 2018
Social Games as One of the Methods of Social Engineering
Study guide

Created on January 04, 2018

1) gjugh, : jk

Created on November 29, 2017
soal pramuka
ini soal pramuka penegak
1) Saka yang bergerak dalam bidang kelautan ? : taruna bumi
2) berapa jumlah dasa darma? : 10
3) Dhasa dharma ke-8 berbunyi ? : Disiplin berani dan setia.

Created on November 09, 2017
Exam #2
Sociology test for thursday 11/9/2017
1) Arlo feels like he is misunderstood by everyone. He feels that there is nothing that connects him to society. : Arlo is experiencing an anomie

Created on November 07, 2017
gcse revision

1) n : nn

Created on January 30, 2017
Modern Social Problems

1) How Sociologists view social problems : Sociology- Study of Social Behavior -look for problems in society

Created on December 09, 2016
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