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Consumerism vocabulary
Words and expresions related to consumerism
1) Consumer society : Society in which people often buy new goods, especially goods that they do not need, and in which a high value is placed on owning many things
2) Factory farm : A system in which animals or birds are kept inside in small spaces and made to grow or produce eggs very quickly.
3) Loyalty card : A card given to customers of a supermarket or other business that gives them benefits such as price reductions
4) Thrift shop or thrift store : A shop that sells used goods cheaply and gives its profits to a charity
5) Buying power : The ability of people to buy goods and services, usually based on how much they earn and save

Created on January 14, 2019
Food waste vocabulary
A list of terms related to food waste and their explanation
1) Edible : Suitable or safe for eating
2) Stock up : To buy a large quantity of something
3) Convenience food : Food that is almost ready to eat when it is bought and can be prepared quickly and easily
4) Food scraps : To get rid of some food that is no longer useful
5) Shelf life : The length of time that food can be kept in a shop before it becomes too old to be sold or used

Created on January 14, 2019
Paraprofessional Assessment of Competencies Quiz

1) (30) This ad was probably placed in the newspaper in order to.. : C. Persuade people to go to the sale
2) (31) If Mark goes to the Bookworm on Saturday, he will receive... : B. a free hot dog
3) (32) The characters in The Elmtown Girls books are most likely amateur.. : B. Investigators
4) (33) This ad mentioned Bob's Diner in order to... : A. help people find their way to the bookstore
5) (34) If Mark's brother likes to read about cowboys, the best book for him would be... : C. The Billy Jones Stories

Created on May 15, 2018
soal pramuka
ini soal pramuka penegak
1) Saka yang bergerak dalam bidang kelautan ? : taruna bumi
2) berapa jumlah dasa darma? : 10
3) Dhasa dharma ke-8 berbunyi ? : Disiplin berani dan setia.

Created on November 09, 2017

1) calculator paper pencil,pen : concentrate

Created on October 27, 2017
Family Practice Jobs
Now a days there are many people who need and seek medical care.

Created on August 02, 2016
foods 1
foods wellness test
1) hi : bob

Created on February 18, 2016
Comprehensive and Major Expenditures

1) What is a durable? What is a consumable? : It doesn't wear out quickly and is more expensive

Created on December 06, 2015
Prenatal Development
Includes: 4-1: The Developing Baby 4-2: A Closer Look at Conception 4-3: Problems in Prenatal Development 4-4: Avoiding Dangers to the Baby

Created on August 30, 2015
Pilihla salah satu
1) Yang bukan termasuk alat TIK .... : HP
2) yang termasuk alat input : printer

Created on April 14, 2015
Yeast Breads

1) Yeast is a living organism. The purpose of flour in the recipe is . . . Yeast functions as a _______ in the dough. The function of a liquid in a yeast product is to. . . The ideal temperature range for yeast to grow is. . . purpose of sugar in a yeast dough? If salt is omitted from the yeast dough recipe it will taste ___________. Active dry yeast is two times as strong as compressed yeast. The process of working dough until it is smooth and elastic. The accurate measurement of all ingredients. A process which allows the leavening action of yeast to reach its final strength before hot oven temperatures kill yeast cells. This dough has up to a 25% fat and sugar ratio. This dough has a dry chewy crumb and a hard crust. : Review Yeast Breads Ws's

Created on December 15, 2014
Fertile mind maternity online quiz

1) Is it essential to use belly bands during pregnancy? : True

Created on November 29, 2014
Intro to Culinary Arts

Created on May 23, 2014
Family medicin
UMF- TArgu mures
1) 1. The most common cause of sudden death is: : a. Ventricular tachycardia

Created on January 21, 2014
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