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Jeopardy Guide

Created on March 06, 2018
BCH 4024 EXAM 2

1) 1 : 2

Created on February 10, 2018
Test 1
1) what is your name? : akbar
2) jhfhgfjhb? : hgh

Created on January 01, 2018
Chemistry Semester Exam

1) Key Terms: >measurement - a quantitative observation >scientific notation - expresses a number in the form N x 10^M; a convenient method for representing a very large or very small number and for easily indicating the number of significant figures >unit - part of a measurement that tells us what scale or standard is being used to represent the results of the measurement >English system - the standard system of units used in the United States >metric system - the standard system of units used in most parts of the world except for the United States >SI units - international system of units based on the metric system and on units derived from the metric system >volume - amount of three-dimensional space occupied by a substance >mass - the quantity of matter present in an object >significant figures - the certain digits and the first uncertain digit of a measurement >rounding off - 1. if the digit is to be removed: less than 5 = round down; 5 or greater = round up 2. in a series of calculations, carry the extra digits through to the final result and then round off >conversion factor - a ratio of the two parts of the statement that relates two units (unit 1 x conversion factor = unit 2) >equivalence statement - a statement that relates different units of measurements >dimensional analysis - the changing from one unit to another via conversion factors that are based on the equivalence statements between the units >Fahrenheit scale - water boils at 212 degrees and freezes at 32 degrees; normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees >Celsius scale - water freezes at 0 degrees and boils at 100 degrees; normal body temperature is 37.2 degrees >Kelvin (absolute) scale - water freezes at 273 K and boils at 373 K (note: Kelvin units/degrees are the same size as Celsius degrees, but Fahrenheit degrees are slightly smaller; the zero points are different on all three scales) >density - a property of matter representing the mass per unit volume >specific gravity - the ratio of the density of a given liquid to the density of water at 4 degrees Celsius : Scientific Notation: - Any number can be represented as the product of a number between 1 and 10 and a power of 10 (either positive of negative). - The power of 10 depends on the number of places the decimal point is moved and in what direction. The number of places the decimal point is moved determines the power of 10. The direction of the move determines whether the power of 10 is positive of negative. If the decimal point is moved to the left, the power of 10 is positive; if the decimal point is moved to the right, the power of 10 is negative.

Created on December 13, 2017
soal pramuka
ini soal pramuka penegak
1) Saka yang bergerak dalam bidang kelautan ? : taruna bumi
2) berapa jumlah dasa darma? : 10
3) Dhasa dharma ke-8 berbunyi ? : Disiplin berani dan setia.

Created on November 09, 2017
Curso prueba
Este curso es realizado con el fin de practicar y aprender mucho mas sobre esta plataforma
1) cual es su nombre : wesley

Created on July 07, 2017

1) Apakah yang dimaksud dengan atom ? : prtikel terkecil

Created on May 02, 2017

1) س : ج
2) س : ج

Created on April 18, 2017
chem unit 5 test

Created on December 11, 2016
berisi materi-materi UN dan SBMPTN, brace yourself to face National Exam and SBMPTN!
1) Jika 27,2 gram KH2PO4 (Mr = 136) dilarutkan ke dalam 500 mL air, pH larutan yang terjadi adalah …. (diketahui Ka1 H3PO4 = 10-3, Ka2 H3PO4 = 10-8, Ka3 H3PO4 = 10-13). : 4,5 – log 2

Created on October 27, 2016
Table 1. Element Name and Symbols

1) Chemistry : Notes

Created on January 30, 2016
Quiz IPA Kelas VIII
Sistem Transportasi pada Makhluk Hidup
1) bagian dari tumbuhan yang membawa zat hara dari tanah ke daun adalah..... : xylem
2) zat yang dibutuhkan tumbuhan untuk berfotosintesis adalah..... : oksigen dan hidrogen
3) bagian dari tumbuhan yang mengangkut hasil fotosintesis adalah....... : xylem
4) bagian jantung yang memompa darah ke seluruh tubuh adalah..... : bilik kanan
5) zat-zat yang tidak dibutuhkan oleh tubuh dikeluarkan melalui...... : jantung

Created on January 07, 2016
Test in STEM 12/15/15 Potential and Kinetic energy ~Equations ~Units of energy and work Periodic Table ~Groups and Periods ~Metal, metaloid (semiconductor), and nonmetal ~How it is organized ~~What each term means in element box Hydrocarbons ~Alkanes ~Alkenes ~Alkynes ~Prefixes

Created on December 14, 2015
Chem Chapter 4 Study Guide
Atomic Structure
1) Dalton's Atomic Theory Democritus vs Dalton Electron Protons Neutrons Atomic Mass Mass Number Isotopes Atomic Number : know how to find the atomic mass

Created on October 26, 2015
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